Providing Movie Production Rentals to Massachusetts, New York and Greater New England
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    Movie Production Rentals
  • Star Cars
    Does your movie star need to ride in style? We offer roomy and luxurious rentals to meet your needs.
  • Multi-Room Trailers
    We offer multi-room trailers and star trailers
  • Star Trailer
    We offer premium star trailers to provide the highest accommodations for comfort and luxury

Interested in Rental Equipment Options & Pricing?

Above the Line Production Rentals offers a full range of equipment solutions for your project, party or special event. From star trailers to stake beds, luxury cars to box trucks, Above the Line Production Rentals delivers A-list comfort and convenience to special events throughout Boston and greater New England.
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Above The Line Production Rental Equipment

Above the Line Production Rentals has built its reputation providing equipment for the numerous major motion picture projects being produced in the Boston area. We’ve worked with top directors, actors, and actresses from major studios like Warner Bros. and Columbia, providing everything from star trailers and luxury rental cars to stake beds and box trucks.

But we’re not just Hollywood. When you rent with Above the Line, we’ll use our production expertise and years of experience to ensure that all of your equipment needs are met, no matter what the event. Contact us today for to check availability and pricing.

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